NYC mayoral candidate claims to have gotten death threats over NOM support


A New York City candidate for mayor, Erick Salgado, claims to have received death threats because he accepted backing from anti-equality group National Organization for Marriage (NOM).

Salgado, though a Democrat, is known for being socially conservative and is the only remaining Democrat in the running who is against marriage equality.

He is considered an unlikely frontrunner as mayor, especially because he has to compete against Christine Quinn, fellow Democrat, who is a lesbian and a popular city council speaker.

However, Salgado told reporters that he has received emails from three separate people that not only criticized him for accepting the NOM endorsement, but threatened him for it. He told Politicker that the emails “said that I’m a rat and I deserve to die. It was because that day I got the official endorsement, [from]NOM, they mentioned that.”

He added, “It makes me nervous, because of my children, I get nervous.”

New York City’s current mayor, Michael Bloomberg, leaves office in 2014; he is known for being a strong supporter of marriage equality.

Christine Quinn, one of the top candidates for election to the post, formally announced her intent to run in March. If elected, she would be both the first female and the first openly gay mayor of the city.

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