Anti-LGBT group wants to protest during Tour de France


French equality opponents are continuing to push for a repeal of the “marriage for all” law, which allows same-sex couples to legally wed, and this time protestors are going to attempt to make a statement at one of the country’s biggest events – the Tour de France.

Since January, protestors have been very vocal about their disapproval of same-sex couples getting married. Protests with hundreds of thousands have gotten violent more than once.

Earlier this month, anti-gay protestors tried to make a grand statement when a masked, bare-chested man attempted to interrupt Rafael Nadal and David Ferrer’s match at the French Open tennis tournament. The man was unsuccessful but two other men held up signs about how French President François Hollande is robbing children of rights.

Anti-LGBT activist Samuel Lafont set up a Facebook account about the protest, called, “Tour de France Pour Tous,” which not only sounds very similar to the marriage law’s name but also the now famous anti-LGBT group “Manif Pour Tous,” who have organized the majority of major protests against LGBT equality.

”From all regions of France, come out and participate in the Tour de France Pour Tous,” Lafont posted on the Facebook page. “From June 29 to July 21, we will have extraordinary international visibility. We must use this opportunity to demonstrate our opposition to this law and to the modern gender theories that lie behind it.”

Lafont said that his intention is not to disrupt the race but to make their presence known and to show up on the international media stage.

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