Controversial Cheerios ad gets parody that takes it a step further


At the end of May, Cheerios premiered a commercial that involved a racially diverse family; to the chagrin of many, it received so many racist remarks that the company had to disable comments. Barely over two weeks later, the parody version has hit the internet.

The video shows a young mixed-race girl asking her white mother, both of whom look remarkably similar to their counterparts in the original, “Mom? Is it true that eating a healthy breakfast cereal like we do every morning is normal? And that in the year 2013, the way our family looks shouldn’t be such a big deal?”

Her mother looks at the cereal box and says, “Well, it says here that Cheerios is heart-healthy, and I say that we have the god-given right to stuff our faces with whatever we want, and with whoever we want. No matter what the haters say.”

The daughter runs off with the cereal, and the next scene shows a black woman, clearly the little girl’s other mom, waking up from a nap on the couch, but stopping short when she sees her front is covered in Cheerios. In a close-up, she looks at the camera and says, “What? Now this is a problem?”

The commercial switches to a graphic that reads, “eat it, haters,” and ends just after the second mother shouts, “Denise! Disable the YouTube comments!” (Amusingly, the comments are not in fact disabled—at least as of June 13.)

The video was directed by producer Kenji America and co-written by Eddie Lombardi and Mark Normand; it stars comedians Joyelle Nicole Johnson and Hollis Witherspoon as the mothers, and Adriana Barnett as their little girl.


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