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“As a gay man it took me time to slowly come to terms with my sexuality and I often think I read myself out of the closet. I could explore that part of myself in books,” said award-winning Christopher Bram in the video Authors with Pride, produced by Open Road Media.

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Considered one of their most powerful videos to date, Open Road Media highlights gay writers’ individual experiences ranging from activism and social movements to personal obstacles.

One writer explained that it was “impossible for young, gay people today to understand what it was like back then.”

These voices tie in how literature provided a channel to explore, vent, and share—diminishing fear and allowing for connection with the outside world in a time where being gay was deemed an illness.

Through their writing, they divulged their concerns, overcame their fears, and showed that they were the same as “entirely everybody else.”

“These are people just like every other person…we have a lot more in common than not.”

Their stories can be found on Open Road Media’s Ebooks with Pride page.

In tribute to Pride Month, many authors came together to create this video, including: Christopher Bram, Dorothy Allison, Martin Duberman, Elana Dykewomon, Michael Nava, Joseph Caldwell, Ned Rorem, and Lisa Alther.


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