Police raid wedding at an underground gay club in Peru


An underground gay club in Pucallpa, Peru was raided by police last week because a couple was having a commitment ceremony. People were arrested for resisting police and talking back to officials.

The groom was dressed in a suit and his fiancé, who has not been identified as a transgender woman or a man dressed in drag, was in a white wedding dress and veil.

Once police officials barged into the club, the groom ran out, leaving his fiancé to deal with the situation. The bride refused to give the couples’ names, and tried to stop the raid and the police from forcing out people who were attending the wedding.

Same-sex marriage isn’t legal in Peru, but there is no law against being LGBT or having a commitment ceremony. The police’s reason for raiding the ceremony was that the club owner didn’t have a license to hold any type of ceremonies in the establishment, yet they didn’t fine or charge the club owner for not having the license.

The director for Promsex, a national sexual rights organization in Peru, told Buzzfeed that he was going to demand an explanation from the Minister of Interior.


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