Chris Brown announces pro-LGBT UNITY campaign via Twitter


R&B artist Chris Brown stunned fans with his UNITY campaign for gays and minorities, set to launch Monday.

Announced via his twitter, he said his new single “They Don’t Know” is part of the campaign that:

He later followed that tweet with:

Brown has a history of anti-gay epithets and altercations with other celebrities, including the dispute with bisexual R&B star, Frank Ocean, resulting from an individual in Brown’s entourage allegedly calling Ocean a “faggot.” He further called more attention to the episode as the only seated audience member for Ocean’s Grammy Award standing ovation. 

With Twitter comes the appeal of immediacy and unfiltered messaging, however it has also lead to what some call Brown’s “twittercide.”  He has been known to disappear at points, backing away from tweeting raw emotions in order to revive his career. He did so after pleading guilty to felony assault on his then girlfriend Rihanna.

His numerous apologies, that he admitted were sometimes over-rehearsed, were met with skepticism then, as is his UNITY campaign now. One can’t help but wonder if he has made a transformation or is merely looking to generate buzz for the release of his single. 


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