Scotland’s witch hunt of a transgender woman


A transgender woman living in the small town of Johnstone, Scotland, was forced to leave after enduring years of verbal abuse.

Labeled as a “witch” for being a transgender woman, Stephanie Smyth, 32, was shunned and forced to leave her hometown.

A constant subject of ridicule, Smyth revealed that it was the worst when she entered shops. However, just walking down the streets wasn’t easy either.

“They’d shout at me a lot, call me gay and even accuse me of witchcraft. I feel like I’ve lost a lot of my friends because I had to leave Johnstone. My past was almost completely wiped away,” Smyth said, according to Queerty.

Fearful of repercussions, Smyth never turned to the authorities for help. Instead she shouldered the abuse and left her town, without pointing blame at her community of bullies. She says, “…there’s no one at fault here. It’s just the society we live in.”

However, she did speak out to convey the long-lasting effects of the trauma she endured.

“I was forced to move from there because of the abuse I suffered trying to be who I really am, it was hell” Smyth said in an interview with the Gazette.


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