Activists arrested at ENDA protest


Eight activists were arrested for protesting the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). As Members of GetEqual, an organization seeking to fight against LGBT job discrimination, the protesters rallied outside the office of House Speaker John Boehner.

“I’m here today because in Texas this past legislative session we fought long and hard to get the Fair Employment Act passed, which is the Texas version of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act,” Protester Tiffani Bishop said before she was arrested.

“Even though 76 percent of registered Texas voters supported it … we still couldn’t get it out of committee. This is very personal for me. Eight of us drove 30 hours in a van to ask Speaker Boehner to represent the people.”

Led by a constituent of Boehner’s, Sean Watkins wished to discuss ENDA with the politician to push forward a mandate to hold a vote on the legislation in 2013. The protestors talked about their stories of job discrimination; they demonstrated with a sit-in and began chanting with signs reading, “Time for you to lead” and “Time for ENDA.”

The other protesters who were arrested were Corey Phillips, Cindy Candia, Kaya Candia-Almanza, Koby Ozias, Carey Dunn, and Erin Jennings.

Last week, GetEqual protester Ellen Sturtz interrupted First Lady Michelle Obama at a fundraiser. The protester demanded that the President sign an executive order to ban LGBT discrimination in the workplace.


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