Five-year-old raises money for peace outside Westboro Baptist Church


A five-year-old girl from Kansas sold pink lemonade in support of peace and equality, setting up a stand outside of the Westboro Baptist Church with a sign that read “Pink Lemondate for Peace.” 

With a suggestion of $1, Jayden Sink raked in $400 in just one day. Meaningfully placed in front of the Planting Peace’s equality house, and across the street from the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) headquarters, Jayden, despite the harassing nay-sayers of the church, stood by her sign, selling lemonade. 

Planting Peace is an organization working against poverty who help to aid poverty stricken communities by providing sustainable resources. They bought a home across from WBC and strategically painted it rainbow colors. The Westboro Baptist Church sent over members to berate Jayden who stood in front of the equality house. 

Despite their attempts to lecture the young girl, Jayden, in addition to her entrepreneurial lemonade fundraising, also managed to raise over $14,000 through an online petition

Jayden is donating 100 percent of the profits to Planting Peace, and has her father to thank as a role model. Jon Sink is the founder of Creative Compassion, which is a, “project to showcase music, art, and video…while bridging these creative outlets with humanitarian and philanthropic efforts” as stated on the website. 


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