Nebraska school approves policy allowing transgender individuals to play on chosen sports team


Nebraska School Activities Association (NSAA) has approved a policy which will allow transgender individuals to participate on the sports team appropriate to their gender identity. 

The policy requires that the students seeking approval to play on the sports team opposite from the sex assigned to them at birth, must first obtain verification of their gender identity from a family member, or a health or psychological professional. 

NSAA executive director, Rhonda Blanford-Green, who moved this initiative forward will appear at the the national conference on transgender participation in sports, and the passing of the policy will give her an equitable platform to stand on. 

The policy was approved in December, however students have yet to test out the new and inclusive rule. Once they choose to do so, they should have no trouble. Although, if obstacles were to arise, the NSAA has the right to step in and enforce the policy. 

Blanford-Green explained in statement, “The transgender policy in no way advocates for any type of education,” she said. “It is a blueprint for identifying and making sure we are not making arbitrary decisions” reported Journal Star. 

Blanford-Green was a groundsman of transgender issues in Colorado as well, where she worked as the associate commissioner of the Colorado High School Activities Association. There she also led the initiative to allow transgender students to have access to the gender-specific sports team of which they identify. 

This policy is meant to put in place a guideline for schools so help ease their decision making process and to provide students with the appropriate support.   

“When you don’t have a policy, decisions are made based on emotions, and that’s when the issues escalate” Blanford-Green said.


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