Republican nominee supports marriage equality, but says states should decide


Republican Senate nominee Gabriel Gomez supports marriage equality and the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, but argued that each state should decide for themselves. In an interview with the Washington Blade regarding California’s Prop 8, he stated, “you need to respect what the states decide on a state-by-state issue.”

Previously, Gomez publicly opposed all forms of discrimination, as “same-sex couples should be free to marry” as well as ENDA.

“I support ENDA, because I do not believe in discrimination of any kind, including discrimination by sexuality,” Gomez said.

As a former Navy Seal, his friendship with a gay classmate at the U.S. Naval Academy changed his views.

“Clearly, hearing that Gomez supports ENDA is encouraging news, and only goes to raise his profile as a next generation Republican who should have broad appeal to the voters of Massachusetts,” National Log Cabin Republicans Executive Director Gregory Angelo in a press release.

Gomez is running against Democrat Representative Ed Markey for a U.S. Senate seat. While the National Log Cabin Republicans did not lend their support, gay conservative group GOProud has endorsed Gomez.

“Gabriel Gomez says that he supports same-sex equality, but he also supports the rights of 29 states like Texas, North Carolina and California to ban same sex marriages and enact discriminatory policies that bar gay and lesbian couples from receiving equal visitation rights and spousal benefits,” Markey spokesperson Andrew Zucker said in a press release. 

Currently, 12 states and the nation’s capital have legalized marriage equality with the DOMA hearing looming at the end of the month.


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