Folk singer Jenny Owen Youngs comes out, announces engagement


Folk singer Jenny Owen Youngs came out during the weekend as well as announcing her engagement; on co-founder Kristin Russo’s blog, she referred to herself as “super gay.”

“I’ve come to realize in recent months that a big part of my desire to hide this aspect of myself was rooted in those dusty old feelings: that there is something wrong, something bad, something less-than about being gay,” Youngs wrote on her blog, entitled Everyone Is Gay.

“I think it is damaging and isolating for young people to look out into the world and not see a representation of their experience. To encounter others who are like you is to know that you are not alone. Even if you never meet them in real life, these representatives help to contextualize you – they are proof that you are part of something. You are not an anomaly. You are not a mistake.”

Coming from a born-again Christian background, the 31-year-old singer previously stated that she did not want to be “pigeon-holed as a gay artist.”

Anti-LGBT sentiments are being overturned, but there is still a lingering prejudice present.

“Now tons of artists are out, casually out, and it’s totally fine. However I don’t think that we’re living in a beautiful utopia or anything – obviously some areas are more liberal than other areas of the planet but as far as the arts community is concerned, at least for musicians, there seems to be less of a stigma,” said Youngs, in an interview with Auto Straddle.

“I know of young musicians who are starting their careers now and they’re not in the closet, they don’t even discuss it, it’s just the way that it is. In an ideal world I’d love for nobody to ever make any sort of announcement. I feel weird having even written a thing because, who fucking cares?”

Youngs originally did not want to come out or announce her engagement as she “wished sexual orientation was similar to hair color: ‘unremarkable.’”

After announcing her engagement, Youngs thanked her fans on twitter.

“Thank you people of twitter for your outpouring of love and support. Wow,” Youngs tweeted.

The couple will be married this summer.


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