Injunction granted for lesbian facing deportation to Uganda


Only hours before she was due to be deported on June 18, Happy Rwehobuganzi, a lesbian from Uganda who has been seeking asylum in the United Kingdom for fear that she will be killed if deported back to her country of origin, was granted a reprieve in the form of an injunction.

Rwehobuganzi has had applications rejected over the past four months by the UK Border Agency (UKBA) on the grounds that they didn’t have enough evidence to prove that she was a lesbian.

Her flight was due to take off at 8pm, and desperate human rights activists were pleading for her deportation to be set back. Pink News cited a case from earlier this year where another lesbian from the country, Jackie Nanyonjo, was also denied asylum. She had to be physically forced onto the plane in the UK and died in Uganda after being detained; from there she went into hiding and could not seek out medical attention, even though she was sick and vomiting blood.

All homosexual acts are currently illegal in Uganda; even those who aren’t caught by the law and prosecuted still face considerable harassment from their communities, as anti-gay sentiment runs high so violence is almost inevitable against anyone LGBT.


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