Zimbabwe president vows to put LGBT community though hell


Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe has said that he will put anyone engaging in LGBT activity through hell if the Zanu PF party wins the upcoming election.

In a statement, President Mugabe expressed his opinions on how lenient he feels the country is on pedophiles and rapists, which he links to the LGBT community.

He promised to never allow same-sex marriage in the country and said that it was still a taboo in the Zimbabwean society and that they don’t represent a society where men marry men and women marry women.

“I am glad in the Catholic Church there is stiff resistance to homosexuality, unlike in the Anglicans in Britain where the church accepts it,” Mugabe said in his speech. “Where is the church going?”

Mugabe’s vow was to enforce harsher punishments and make them law. A 2006 law made it illegal for men to interact in any sort of same-sex activity; even holding hands and hugging could get a pair of men charged with sodomy.

“Mugabe continues with his vitriolic attacks on gays as part of a strategy to try and cordon off Zimbabwe from the rest of the world and deflect pressure from Zimbabweans for him to embrace pluralism, multi-party democracy and the promotion of human rights culture,” Chesterfield Samba, chair of the Gay and Lesbian Association of Zimbabwe said in a response to Gay Star News.

“Zanu PF’s instruments of intimidation and electioneering which include the subject of gays remains as strong as ever and is once again being used as a red herring for the real woes in this country around good governance.”


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