French mayor: I wouldn’t marry two boys, but two girls are OK–they can have kids


With the recent legalization of marriage equality in France, a French mayor snubbed performing the wedding of two gay men, yet may allow two girls to wed. Claude Binaud rejected Bernard Rouhaud and his partner over the weekend, as they can’t have children like women do.

“There’s no doubt, I will not marry them, not two boys,” the 77-year-old mayor told the French publication, Sud-Ouest. “I don’t find [gay marriage]normal. We’re touching on something central to society here – the family. Two girls, I might have said yes, if my back was against the wall. But that’s totally different, they can have children.”

As an avid supporter of traditional marriage, he proposed a town councilor would do the ceremony instead of himself.

Unfortunately for Binaud, refusing to marry gay couples is against the law, according to French Interior Minister Manuel Valls. There is a $60,030 fine and three-year imprisonment for violating the law.

French mayor Jean-Michel Colo of Arcangues was the first mayor to refuse a gay wedding.

In April, France legalized marriage equality as the fourteenth country in the world amidst opposition from thousands of devout religious supporters. The country is facing hysteria and panic after a French mayor received a death letter with bullets, as well as an anti-gay historian committing suicide in the Notre Dame Cathedral.


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