Maltese Prime Minister announces same-sex civil unions will be enacted by end of 2013


The Maltese Prime Minister and leader of the Labour party, Joseph Muscat, announced on June 19 that there would be a bill written and passed to allow civil unions for same-sex couples by the end of the year.

Muscat made the announcement as he was receiving the Soldier Award as an Agent of Change.

The award was presented to the Prime Minister by the organization Gay Exiles, which represents LGBT Maltese citizens who have been driven out of their homes to live in foreign countries in order to stay with their significant other.

Muscat said that a new consultative council, which has been appointed by the government to work with the country’s LGBT community, would begin to prepare a bill which will be debated and approved by parliament by the end of 2013.

In January, the Maltese House of Representatives’ Labour party said that they would allow same-sex couples to have civil unions. They also announced plans for gender identity laws to protect their country’s trans people.


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