European Parliament agrees to treaty despite lack of anti-gay protection


The European Parliament has made a new deal with Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific regions (ACP). A new multilateral treaty was agreed on with hesitation because of the lack of human rights protection for LGBT people in ACP.

The treaty helps with aid and transports between the regions and was last altered in 2010.

Pink News reported that although they gave their legal consent, the European Parliament expressed “its strongest reservations about parts of the Agreement which do not reflect the position of the European Parliament and the values of the Union.”

British Labour MEP Michael Cashman, rapporteur for the European Parliament, said to Pink News regarding the subject, “The article on political dialogue wasn’t reworded in accordance with the Parliament’s wishes. The ACP side opposed including sexual orientation in the treaty, which is worrying since 38 ACP states still criminalise homosexuality.

The next update will be in 2015 and Parliament has urged changes to be made against discrimination for sexual orientation, so they have two years to make their argument in favor of change.


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