8th grade student shows support for gay teacher


A gay teacher in Canada received a touching surprise from his 8th grade student. As an end of the year project, the teacher, adding a bit of excitement to the start of each class, would allow his students to watch an approved “YouTube of the Day” video.

Under normal circumstances each video would have to be approved first, but this time he allowed his student to convince him to show the video. His student said to him, “I really want to show it. You’ll like it, I promise. It’s a music video,” as quoted by BuzzFeed.

The student pressed play, and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Same Love” video about equality and gay marriage support enveloped the room, causing the teacher to cry “the proudest tears [he has]ever shed.”

What was especially noteworthy was that this class is considered to be particularly tough.

“I am gay, and my students have known this for about a month or so. I am in my first year of teaching, and I teach the class that is considered the ‘tough’ class—they can be rowdy. Not so much for me, though,” he said in an interview with Buzz Feed.

As something of an anthem for the LGBT community, “Same Love” has maintained an incredible resonance with increasing impact. Just two weeks ago, at a Macklemore show, a woman proposed to her now fiancée after the song “Same Love”, and at this year’s Bottle Rock Music Festival, Macklemore gave a speech about marriage equality prior to playing the song.


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