Irish couple wins harassment case


A lesbian couple in Cork, Ireland won their case and €15,000 (about $19,760) after being sexually harassed at their job.

The couple worked for Eddie Rocket’s City Diner, and the restaurant was said to not have handled the harassment properly. The two women endured sexually explicit comments being made about them and had inappropriate questions asked about their relationship.

“The decision shows how important it is to have an anti-harassment policy in place which clearly protects lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees. It is equally important to ensure that these policies are communicated to all,” the director of Ireland’s Gay and Lesbian Equality Network (GLEN), Davin Roche, reported to Pink News.

GLEN has helped with many issues in Ireland, including 2010’s Civil Partnership Acts, and aims to ensure equality and fair treatment for the LGBT community in the workplace. On their website they say that they aim to tackle issues that the LGBT community has expressed they need.

Niall McCutcheon, the director of the Equality Tribunal, made a statement about why he ruled in favor of the couple: “It is a duty on employers under the Acts to provide a workplace in which it is safe for lesbians and gay men to be open about their sexuality.”

According to Pink News there are 170,000 LGBT people in the Irish workforce.


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