Latino LGBT youth take national survey


According to a survey put out by the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), out LGBT Latino youth have the hardest time with acceptance from their families.

LULAC and the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) released the report on June 17, titled “Growing up LGBT Latino in America,” during LULAC’s 84th annual convention this week.

According to the report, only 47% of LGBT youth say they have an adult they can confide in when they are feeling worried, compared to a much greater 81% of non-LGBT youth who can confide in an adult when they’re feeling the same way.

The conference this year has a pro-LGBT theme, which makes a big statement considering Latino culture. Catholicism plays a big role, and many values are what most people would consider machismo; in other words, a household where a man runs the house and has traditional “a man marries a woman” family values.

“The well-being of Latino LGBT youth is fostered by the support of family and trusted adults in their lives,” said HRC President, Chad Griffin, in a press release. “We must do better in supporting LGBT youth who still fear rejection, being judged and ostracized in school and being rejected from their religious congregations and the broader community.”

A big change is being seen amongst Latinos and LGBT issues; during the elections back in November, 59% of Latinos said they would vote to legalize same-sex marriage. The legalization in Latin American countries and Mexican cities are also signs of progress and acceptance.

The poll was based on 10,000 Latino youths between the ages 13 to 17.


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