“Year 7 Self” video shares words of wisdom allies wish they could have heard at 7


Australia’s largest support network for the country’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender teens, Minus 18, has just released a new video called “Year 7 Self.”

“Year 7 Self” is a video about seven adults who are giving their 7-year-old past selves some words of wisdom, and caution their younger selves about challenges they went through during that time in their life.

The 9-minute video features the adults telling their younger selves to not judge someone because they may be flamboyant, or just different than others. They also warn themselves not to say, “That’s so gay,” “homo,” or “fag” when talking about someone who may have been questioning their own sexuality.

Those in the video who admit to using such terms when they were younger confessed that since then, they experienced a best friend, brother or other family members coming out to them as gay or trans.

The inspiring video gives the viewer a personal perspective of LGBT allies who are fighting against bullying and homophobia.


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