Recent polls indicate that 92 percent of Nigerians are against marriage equality


An overwhelming amount of Nigerians are against same-sex marriage. 92 percent of Nigerians support a proposed legislation to outlaw marriage equality, according to a new poll by NOIS Polls Limited partnered with Gallup Polling.

The bill reads, “any person who registers, operates or participates in gay clubs, societies and organizations directly or indirectly, makes a public show of a same-sex amorous relationship commits an offense and shall be liable to a term of 10 years imprisonment.”

With same-sex relationships currently outlawed in Nigeria, including co-habitation, the government passed legislation, which would submit lawbreakers to at least one decade in prison.

Motivated by religious morality, many Nigerians believed “homosexuality is not part of the culture of Nigerians.”

“The bill takes away the fundamental rights accorded Nigerians under the constitution. This is really, not a pressing national issue,” Nigeria’s Queer Alliance Rights Group director Rashidi Williams said in an interview with Vanguard.

The poll was comprised of several questions, and was conducted to supply a indiscriminate debate around the acceptance of homosexuality in Nigeria.

According to the poll, “69 percent of respondents were aware of the legislative vote to ban same-sex marriage” while “85 percent said they felt strongly that being gay was not part of the country’s culture.”

The Nigerian Parliament passed the legislation, but it remains to be seen if Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan will sign the proposed legislation.


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