“Transphobic” officially added to Oxford English Dictionary


“Transphobic” has officially been added to the 2013 edition of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), and is defined as, “hostile towards transsexual or transgender people.”

The Oxford Dictionary online defines “transphobia” as, “intense dislike of or prejudice against transsexual or transgender people.”

“Transphobia” was one of 1200 new words added to the dictionary this year.  Gaining over 9000 signatures, transphobia made it to the word-well through the help of a change.org petition which asks Microsoft Office and OED to add the word. 

Trans, transman, transperson, and transwoman were also all added to the dictionary as extensions of the word. 

“Baked,” “bro” and “chill” were also added under the category “New Senses.”  

You can get the entire list here.


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