Sara Bareilles releases new song, inspired by friend’s coming out story


Singer Sara Bareilles says a friend’s coming out story inspired “Brave,” her newest single. She hoped to reach out to him while fleshing out some of her own “demons.”

Video below. 

“It’s a really reflective process to look at your fears in that way,” said Bareilles in an interview with “And what I like about the concept of brave is that it’s not about the outcome. It’s about the intention of turning to face what scares you.”

The song is co-written by fun. band member Jack Antonoff.

“I think for me this has always been a human rights issue and I feel embarrassed that we’re still having these conversations in 2013. I understand why [the issue]is complicated, but to me it’s such an obvious development that just has to happen,” Bareilles said regarding upcoming Supreme Court rulings on Prop 8 and DOMA. 

Bareilles asked her fans to share their bravest moments on her official website.

“It’s not like people were writing, ‘I’m brave enough to win the basketball game,’” Bareilles said. “It was like, ‘I’m brave enough to tell my family who I really am.’”

The song has been gaining popularity, and may end up as one of the more popular songs of the summer. 

“The messaging of the song felt anthemic to me personally,” said Bareilles. “But I didn’t really realize that it was going to connect in the way that it did, and it’s really amazing to watch this song sort of take on a life of its own.”

No stranger to the LGBT community, Bareilles has been influenced by gay friends throughout her life, and hopes to raise her own children in a similar way. 

“I’m grateful that I was raised in that environment to raise my kids in that same mentality,” she said. “I see change. It’s happening. But you know, we’re behind the times and we’ve got to catch up.

“I look back on these moments and on some level I feel gratitude to be here while I’m watching this change come and I know it’s going to come and it should have happened already,” Barielles concluded. “I think it’s time. I think it’s so past the time. And I’m grateful that there are so many people tirelessly working to get this issue to the forefront. To get us moving forward to be open minded, accepting, compassionate people towards each other.”

“Brave” came out as a single last month. Barielles’ newest album, “The Blessed Unrest,” is set to launch on July 16.


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