Tasmania passes bill allowing same-sex couples to adopt


In Australia, the state of Tasmania’s upper parliamentary house has passed new legislation that allows same-sex couples to adopt.

Back in April, the lower house of the parliament approved the bill on same-sex adoption with an overwhelming vote of 18 to 4.

“This bill doesn’t say same-sex couples are to be considered over any others,” said Labour MP Craig Farrell; the bill was in conjunction with the states of Western Australia and New South Wales. “It gives them the ability to apply, and it is then up to the authorities to say what is in the best interests of the child. It is really a pretty straight-forward piece of legislation.”

Only three MPs, as well as Ivan Dean, Rosemary Armitage, and Leonie Hiscutt were opposed to the bill.

A few groups also opposed the legislation.

“The bill will relegate some Tasmanian children to a life without mothers or a life without fathers,” said a spokesperson for the Save Marriage Coalition, Guy Barnett, in a press release. He made no mention of children relegated to a life without any parents.

The state is also working on a marriage equality bill, but it failed to pass the Legislative Council in September 2012.


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