Singer-songwriter Rufus Wainwright embraces being a gay artist


Singer-songwriter/composer Rufus Wainwright rejoices in being called a gay artist. While many artists describe being out and gay in the music industry a struggle, Wainwright described the connection it has to his music, how it is an integral part of theater and songwriting.

“I’ve always embraced it only because there’s such a fabulous history of really gay artists especially in songwriting,” Wainwright said in an interview with Huffington Post

“I mean you look at the number one guy who is Mr. Cole Porter who very much inhabited that concept and languished in all that was gay and wonderful and sophisticated and interesting and witty…so I was very influenced by those icons.

“There was still an element of [homosexuality]in the theater I don’t think you can separate and my musical influence is from there.”

With seven albums under his belt, Wainwright has received numerous recognitions.

He was named “Best Artist of the Year” with his self-titled album, which was also regarded as one of the best albums of the year; was nominated for four awards by the Gay & Lesbian American Music Awards including Album of the Year, Pop Recording of the Year and Video of the Year; and won a GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Music Album, and a Juno Award for Best Alternative Album.

Currently, he is touring in the UK to promote his newest album, “Out of the Game.”


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