FRC still claiming gay parents bad for kids


The Family Research Council (FRC) strikes again, not surprisingly singing a tune of negativity. Head of the FRC Tony Perkins, showing no grace, expressed his views on the Supreme Court’s historic ruling to end DOMA and Proposition 8.

“[There were] major setbacks for marriage, for family and for freedom,” Perkins said, as reported by Right Wing Watch. He continued, with a far-stretching comparison of marriage equality to cities in the Book of Genesis, “Sodom and Gomorrah,” which were constantly on fire and represented sin. He explained that conservatives can rest knowing that, “our zip code has not yet been changed to Sodom and Gomorrah, at least not yet.”

He reiterated the God-fearing message from the Bible which claims that society will crumble if people are unable to stop committing “destructive and harmful activities.” Perkins said, “When the bottom fell out, the people had no excuse and they had no one to blame but themselves, because they had been warned.”

Perkins spoke with Rep. Joe Pitts (R-PA) who shares his views on marriage equality, and explained that marriage equality will damage families, that same-sex parents won’t provide children with a “stable loving family.”

And to that I say, oh yeah? Rep. Pitts of Pennsylvania, take a look at this: the largest ever LGBT family study, conducted by Melbourne University, shows that children with same-sex parents are not only happier but healthier.

(Take a second to let that soak in.)

The study was conducted with five hundred Australian children, and their findings concluded that children with gay parents were in fact, happier, healthier, and closer to their families than kids with heterosexual parents. The numbers were so high that they could not be called any kind of coincidence.

Genderqueer parent Firinel Turner told 429Magazine, “I’m not surprised by the recent findings that children raised by same-sex couples have healthier family lives. I know that when I was young, that my legal guardian was out, implicitly provided me with an understanding that I would be loved and accepted regardless of my orientation, and that kind of peace of mind clearly bestows health benefits as well.”

Take that, Pitts.

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