British politician announces he has a boyfriend, comes out as bisexual


Conservative British politician Daniel Kawczynski has announced that he’s in a same-sex relationship, making him the first Tory to openly identify as bisexual.

Kawczynski, a member of parliament (MP) for Shrewsbury and ministerial aide, divorced his former wife in 2011. He opted to hold a public meeting to discuss his position on equal marriage rights as the UK’s Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill was being discussed in parliament. The MP told the Telegraph he was initially “overwhelmed” by opposition to marriage equality in his local community. 

The Polish-born politician, who at six feet eight inches is the tallest man in the House of Commons, now says that he has received support from the Conservative association in his constituency.

“I informed my association a few weeks ago that, following my divorce, I now have a new partner, and it is a guy,” Kawczynski said. 

“They have been very supportive and kind, which obviously I appreciate greatly. It is very important to show youngsters that it is perfectly acceptable and normal to be open about your sexual preferences. I have always been with women. Now, I have met a guy.”

Outside of the Marriage Bill, which he voted in favor of after consultation, Kawczynski has maintained a conservative position on equal rights issues.

In 2007, he voted against the UK’s Equality Act, legislation which outlaws harassment and discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. In 2008, he then voted to approve an amendment to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill to require both the mother and father be considered on a child’s welfare for those born after fertility treatment. 


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