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The startup company Trophy Buffet has a simple philosophy: “Life is awesome and life should be celebrated, everyday, with a trophy.”

To that end, they’ve started a Kickstarter project to get their party started. Describing themselves as a group of creative directors and designers, the idea came from one of the group, who gifted his wife with a trophy every year on their anniversary. Eventually, they decided to make a business of the idea; the two are still married years later, so “we figure those trophies must be magic.”

As the name suggests, Trophy Buffet offers a variety of awards. Though some are not occasion-specific, most are; for example, one trophy is emblazoned with the plaque “Mom, Dad, I’m gay!” for those who want to mark the occasion by providing a souvenir; it depicts a figure dancing.

A look at their project collections page shows trophies related to general anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, and relationships, as well as more specific holidays: at present, they have Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day. Currently, every trophy shows as “Sold Out,” but that should change after the fundraising campaign.

Trophy Buffet also suggests buying trophies just as especially unique gifts. Even more athletic friends won’t have awards like these; the Director of All Things in Need of Direction, Alon Seifert, told 429Magazine, “Traditional sports trophies are serious, maybe too serious, [so]we chose a humoristic approach for our trophies as we believe humor is the great connector.”

The comedy in the trophies usually comes from the plaques; the “Graduate” trophy, for example, reads “So you’re not just a dumb blond after all.” For anniversaries—or for the very brave, proposals—the group offers awards labeled “Trophy Wife” and “Trophy Husband.” (As of press time, there was no award for “__ times banished to the couch.”)

Though the base of each one is the same, each trophy is topped by a unique figure—some of which you wouldn’t find on most awards, such as the rear end of a horse (it’s an apology trophy). Most are related to the topic, such as the cheerleader on the award marked, “You remembered our anniversary!” For those preferring something more random, “you’re the greatest of all time” has the icon of a goat.

Though the trophies are plastic, the description insists that they “don’t feel plasticky,” but rather “like a baby lemur.” The wooden plaques are made of walnut, and a cement weight in the base provides them with a substantial feel.

The Kickstarter campaign, which ends on July 26, is aiming to raise $20,000; after less than a week, they’ve already raised nearly half that amount. Regular price for the trophies will be $34.99, but through the campaign, “early bird special” trophies are available for $29.


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