LGBT activists arrested for unauthorized demonstration in Moscow


After banning pride parades and outlawing “homosexual propaganda” in Russia, Moscow police apprehended four LGBT activists for an unauthorized demonstration. Russian state news agency RIA Novosti said that according to the police, the men were held in custody for dissenting outside the presidential administration building.

One activist protested against Russia’s passage of bills banning “homosexual propaganda,” while others, who attached photos of real LGBT-hate crime victims to themselves, lay “face-down” in puddles of fake blood.

Under Moscow law, two or more protestors cannot demonstrate outside City Hall without permission.

Russia’s upper house recently voted on a plethora of anti-LGBT legislation that includes banning foreign LGBT couples, as well as those from countries that legalize marriage equality, from adopting Russian children, banning “homosexual propaganda,” and banning pride parades.

Each of the rulings had unanimous votes, as many believe that “homosexuality is a sin” and that they must take measures to protect the youth, maintain order and honor Catholic values.

This past weekend, two hundred Nationalists assaulted forty LGBT advocates for holding a pride rally in St. Petersburg. The advocates were later apprehended.

According to a study by the Levada Center, 85% of Russians oppose marriage equality, 27% believed that homosexuals need treatment, and 5% said that gays should be “liquidated.”

Russian MP Alexander Mikhailov has proposed legislation that legalizes public whipping for gays, as “homosexuality is a common shame.”

Regarding many of the new laws, President Putin says they aren’t promoting LGBT discrimination.

“People of any preferences work and have careers and we recognize them at a state level in the areas where they work. I consider there are no problems here,” said President Putin during a press conference at the European Union-Russia summit. “Really, we should be more tolerant and show less aggression – that applies both to people of traditional and non-traditional orientation.”


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