New Zealand politicians call for review of transgender placements in prison


The Green Party of New Zealand is demanding that the government make a swift review of the transgender prison policy. Currently, the placement of transgender individuals sentenced to prison is based on the person’s sex at birth, rather than their gender expression.

The only exception would be for transsexual individuals, (those who have undergone sex reassignment surgery) who would be placed in the prison appropriate to their gender identity.

However, a transgender person who has not undergone surgery would be placed in the jail relevant to their sex of birth. 

The University of Auckland’s Equal Justice Project believes that this policy is discriminatory as it neglects protections assigned to transgender prisoners avoiding potential violence.

According to the Green Member of Parliament, Jan Logie, this policy has been in review by the government since February of 2012 but the government is dragging its feet. 

“Transgendered women don’t deserve to be put at risk of sexual assault while under our care just because their anatomy doesn’t match their gender,” said Logie, according to Pink News. 

She is calling for an urgent review of the policy.


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