Rugby player Nick Youngquest stars in provocative new commercial


Australian rugby player Nick Youngquest, a forthright advocate for the LGBT community, appears in a provocative commercial for the fragrance Invictus by Paco Rabanne.

As usual, the 29-year-old Australian confidently strides onto the field, shirtless and sweaty, as Kanye West’s “Power” plays in the background.

While posing nude for many gay publications like Attitude Magazine and the Naked Rugby League calendars, Youngquest has campaigned for equality in the LGBT community as he played with gay players.

“I don’t see any reason why two people who are in love can’t exchange vows and rings just as any other couple in the world. It’s not about being gay or straight when it comes to that. It’s about two people loving each other in my opinion!” Youngquest said in an interview with The Backlot.

Youngquest attributes his being “pro-gay” to his upbringing and naturally being around a diverse amount of people who identify as LGBT.

“I have a lot of friends that are gay and have never been different! My ex was a dancer and she had lots of gay friends and it was always something I enjoyed about our relationship that we have friends from all different walks of life,” Youngquest explained.

“My family also shaped me so I guess it stems from there also. Not that mum or dad said always be nice to gay people or whatever, but just to [be nice to]people in general so I take people for who they are. That’s a trait I am glad they instilled in me, that’s for sure.”

The athlete has signed on as a model for DT Model Management based in Los Angeles.

He knows his demographic very well; we can’t wait to see what this strapping Aussie does next.


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