Man charged for anti-LGBT shooting in Israel


An Israeli man was charged on July 8 for a shooting carried out in 2009 at a gay and lesbian youth center in Tel Aviv. Hagai Felician, aged 23, admitted to carrying out the attack, which killed two people and injured fifteen, as a result of his religious beliefs.

Felician also told a state informant that a 15-year-old family member had been the victim of a sexual assault by the youth center’s founder, Shaul Ganon, reported the Times of Israel.

The shooting, which took place in August 2009, occurred during a support group meeting for gay and lesbian youth. The gunman escaped on foot and remained outside of the authorities’ watch for close to four years.

However, in February, a relative of Felician’s who was in prison agreed to record an admission of guilt for the hate crime in order to gain a reduced sentence. The man, who remained anonymous, successfully got a confession from Felician. The latter was arrested by police in May.

Israeli authorities initially pursued Ganon for the alleged assault of Felician’s relative. He was later released after giving testimony on the gun attack at the center.


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