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On June 29th, New Yorkers sprinted through sludge to show their support for LGBT equality. Hosted by Out-Fit Challenge, the mud run was included in the official line up of events during NYC Pride and consisted of a 5K cross-country trail with 15+ military style obstacles that included mud, water, and ice with names such as Pipe Dreams, Vagitarian, Commando Crawl and Is that Mud in Your Pants.  

Initially developed as a mass regional sporting event for a grad school project, the run has grown to be a national occurrence to bring awareness to the LGBT community. The NYC run will donate funds to the Ali Forney Center, which provides housing for LGBT homeless youth. 

“Given the recent devastation of Hurricane Sandy, the organization’s facilities were hard hit,” said an Out-Fit rep. 

“While they’ve rebounded because of the generous support of many organizations and individuals, we’d like to do our part to help them to continue to rebuild and grow.”

Targeted towards metropolitan areas that are heavily populated by the LGBT community, the organization plans to expand to 6-10 states by next year. 

Out-Fit strives to bring communities together “in the spirit of friendly competition, to establish meaningful connections outside of the traditional nightlife scene, and to celebrate who we are.” 

 “I created this organization in the hope that it could bring together people from opposite ends of the spectrum for one cause,” said founder and CEO of Out-Fit Challenge, Tory Fitzgerald, in a release about the event. 

For more information, visit the website here.

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