Fashion entrepreneur hopes to turn your neckties skinny


Joshua Adam Brueckner is an out fashion entrepreneur who hopes to see his brand of neckties go global.

“I would love to see SKINNYFATTIES in major retailers, but am aiming to make the collection available in small boutiques worldwide,” Brueckner told 429Magazine.

SKINNYFATTIES is a fashion label Brueckner curated and designed with the concept of need in mind. He explains how a particular crossroad in his life turned into the now realized business idea. 

“I started this business after losing my job and needed new clothes but couldn’t afford them,” he said. “So I learned to tailor what I had in my closet.”

What began as a service inviting customers to send in their “out of date fat ties” to be trimmed down and tailored to a more modern “skinny tie,” Brueckner is now hoping to combine the business with an original line of products.

“For a whole year, I’ve studied the design and construction of ties that have been sent to me to tailor and have based this upcoming collection off of what I know my customers are looking for. We have a solid service and the same goes for our upcoming collection. Our products give back, the designs are unique and everything is produced here in New York City.”

Brueckner studied music in school, but feels such lessons in creativity can be applied to all mediums. 

“Design is a huge part of my life, but more so, creative expression,” he said. “At SKINNYFATTIES, I oversee all the creative parts from designing the upcoming tie collection to photo shoots to branding materials. As a small business owner, being able to handle a variety of jobs is a must.”

In order for Brueckner to continue with his businesses goals, he’s turned to Indiegogo to raise funds. He hopes to raise $20,000 to fund SKINNYFATTIES and launch the brand globally.

“Meeting our goal will allow us to produce the inventory of our upcoming tie collection in a larger amount, making the ties more affordable. As well, I’d like to hire more qualified tailors to help us keep up with the demand of the tie tailoring service.”

And Brueckner’s brand isn’t just about fashion and commerce. Helping others is a large part of the company’s mission. 

Brueckner has been an active volunteer, dedicating time to a variety of LGBT organizations such as the Howard Brown Health Center in Chicago and the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center. He said these experiences,  “changed my life and led me to develop a business model that gives back.”

A portion of sales from SKINNYFATTIES goes straight to Career Gear, an organization that helps low income men re-enter the workforce. The organization supplies them with new clothing to help with first impressions during interviews. He insists that many of the men in the program are gay. 

“As an out and proud business owner, I partner and develop relationships with organizations and companies whose values align with my own,” he said.

Brueckner is thankful for all of the support he has received from the press, fashion industry, his customers and the LGBT community. He explains that SKINNYFATTIES is “a testament that if you are passionate about something and willing to make sacrifices, you can make it happen.” 

Brueckner has until July 24 to meet his fundraising goal. 

For more information about the Indigogo campaign, click here, and visit the SKINNYFATTIES website here


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