Lavender’s Jungle clothing for the full figured female


Celebrating full figures and special events, Lavender’s Jungle, founded by La Krishna Joseph-Baker and her wife, caters to women sized 14-24. Since joining the fashion scene last year, the line has been featured in New York’s Full Figured Fashion Week, the largest full figure fashion show to date.

The line currently consists of two collections: Lavender’s Jungle features high fashion, runway inspired, ready to wear pieces; Junglewear showcases club attire, “after five party wear,” and street wear.

The goal is to create clothes that “women can wear and enjoy for a lifetime,” said Joseph-Baker, the designer of Lavender’s Jungle, in an interview with 429Magazine.

The appeal of Lavender’s Jungle its meticulous fit that accentuates curves and character. It allows for fuss-free fashion that is both comfortable and chic.

One of Joseph-Baker’s favorite stories is from a woman who was “blushing from ear to ear” when she told her of how her husband’s eyes lit up when he saw her in her dress for a special event. He said, “She was stunning and from the way you accented her curves, we almost didn’t make it [to the event].”

This situation offers a direct embodiment of what Lavender’s Jungle stands for: to create “an equal playing field for full-figured women.”

Joseph-Baker explained that she is often contacted by full-figured models, actresses and artists unable to find clothes on set to fit them, that were told to find their own styling teams.

“When you have to memorize hundreds of lines or give your best performance the last thing that should be on your mind is, ‘Will there be clothes on set to fit my body type?’ I want all women to have confidence in themselves and be able to put their best foot forward no matter the occasion.”

Lavender’s Jungle was a way for the couple to take charge of their careers in response to Joseph-Baker losing her job in 2012.

With a diverse background including retail management, legal and risk management, customer service management, accounting, and even executive administrator for an air force recruiting unit, Joseph-Baker took to developing her own line and hasn’t turned back.

Maintaining a love of fashion since she was ten, she was trained to sew by her great-grandmother, a “master seamstress” who refers to her technique as “old school” and “could whip up a dress in an afternoon.”

“If the seams of a garment didn’t line up, no matter how long you worked on it, my great-grandmother would rip it apart. It teaches you to do your best work the first time.”

As such, fashion holds a sense of nostalgia for Joseph-Baker, reminiscent of her grandmother sewing or sitting on the porch playing guitar.

“I remember tissue paper patterns and flour sacks; she would make her own patterns out of them.”

She explained that though the fashion industry seems glamorous with parties and glitterati, much of the time she looks “like a bag lady running around” trying to keep everything together.

“I don’t take for granted the tools and people available to me. I am always humbled when asked to participate in events and respect those who may be able to teach me… because my company is new, I still have much to learn.”

Currently, the team is working to present their first fashion show/fundraiser/silent auction for their Fall/Winter Campaign, where a portion of the proceeds will be donated to charity. Her goal is to for Lavender’s Jungle to be the first full figured fashion house.

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