Italy’s proposed anti-homophobia law protested by LGBT group


Italy has proposed a new bill intended to protect the LGBT community from hate crimes, but it has some unexpected detractors: pro-LGBT activists.

LGBT advocacy group Circle of Gay Culture opposes the bill, aimed at outlawing anti-gay violence, because they see it as “a dangerous compromise.”

“This bill is a compromise between the left and the right. There’s no specific punishment for gay hate, but the crimes will be punished according to the existing rules,” Circle of Gay Culture president Andrea Maccarrone said in an interview with Gay Star News.

Maccarrone also contended that the terminology provided in the bill is vague. “The bill uses the words ‘homophobia’ and ‘transphobia,’ which are not used all over the world. It should include, instead, the words ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘gender identity,’ as it happens in the most civilized countries.”

The bill will be voted on Friday, July 26, by Italy’s Parliament. Circle of Gay Culture will campaign against the proposal.

“This is a very bad compromise. We missed the opportunity to have a good law. Nothing is going to change with this bill,” Franco Grillini, former Member of Parliament and former LGBT association president, said in a press release.

“The only good thing is that, for the first time… Italian law will recognize the existence of the LGBT community. This is why the Vatican, the Catholics of the PD party and the homophobes of the right-wing party PDL do not want this law.”

Commissioned by Prime Minister Enrico centre-left Democratic Party, the left-wing SEL group and ex-premier Silvio Berulsconi’s People of Freedom Party, the bill was greenlit by the Parliamentary commission on July 22.

According to Circle of Gay Culture, right wing and conservative parties will also oppose the law, as they consider it a violation of freedom of speech and of opinion.


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