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Don’t have time to search out the news? We do. Let us help you circumnavigate LGBTA discourse from around the globe.

Moldova passes anti-gay propaganda law with a $628 fine. More>>

Target supports anti-gay Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli with a $50,000 contribution despite the company’s numerous LGBT contributions. More>>

Waco’s city committee approves law that will protect the LGBT community wiith an unanimous decision. More>>

Julie Hermann, Rutger’s new athletic director, announced that she’s gay on the company’s website. More>>

After marrying in Canada in 2004, a gay couple is suing Kentucky for legal recognition. More>>

Over 100 House members initiated the Restore Honor to Service Members Act, a landmark bill that changes records for over 114,000 LGBT servicemembers from dishonorable to honorable discharge since World War II. More>>

Sydney reels from a series of anti-LGBT gang-related murders. More>>

Economic Research Organization discovered through a study that tourism would increase with $217 million for the next three years if the state legalizes marriage equality. More>>

Ex-gay convert and well-known homophobe Robert Oscar Lopez is gaining success as a gay fiction author. More>>

New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez pleaded Secretary Kerry for laws that protect LGBT foreign national spouses with immigration benefits. More>>

Several LGBT advocacy groups protest against Professor Robert George as the chairman of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom based on his anti-equality views. More>>

After the death of lesbian Duduzile Zozo, several of her friends demand justice and a proper murder investigation in Thokoza, South Africa. More>>

Russian author Daria Wilke publishes “The Jester’s Cap,” a children’s book with a popular gay character struggling with his identity in an LGBT-oppressed country. More>>

After being imprisoned for an gay rally in Moscow, gay LGBT activists have been released. More>>

The Pro-Life Coalition of Pennsylvania protested against marriage equality licenses with a pray-in. More>>

According to Sweden Statistics, Swedish lesbians will most likely marry more so than gay men. More>>

Worth Reading: Opinions from around the web

After the events of the Russian Vodka boycott, a writer examines the origins and confusion over the boycott. More>>

An interesting look at a study that shows LGBT teachers sitting on the sidelines of combating homophobia. More>>

Burma currently faces homophobia in abuse and discrimination. Is there a solution? More>>

The LGBT community remembers Rock Hudson as the first prominent celebrity to succumb to AIDS and how he changed perceptions of the community at large. He announced his status 28 years ago. More>>

In his new book, “Is God Anti-Gay?” Author Sam Allberry examines homosexuality and faith and the origins of homophobia in the Bible.

Examining Israel’s LGBT community and what the country’s homophobia means to them. More>>

A look at dividing Buddhist beliefs and the marriage equality debate. More>>


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