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Don’t have time to search out the news? We do. Let us help you circumnavigate LGBTA discourse from around the globe.

Cable network Pivot will introduce LGBT-friendly offerings. More>>

Several LGBT advocacy groups approve of the pope’s message but expect action. More>>

The state of Colima in Mexico legalizes LGBT civil unions. More>>

After an incident at a local pub in Fort McMurray, Canada, police are investigating if it’s a hate crime after the suspects burned rainbow flags. More>>

Teacher Ira Thomas linked gays to crack in an interview with the American Family Association. More>>

Vietnam will most likely not legalize marriage equality anytime soon, despite support. More>>

Russian police in Sochi beat and rape man with a crowbar over Winter Olympic housing job pay dispute. More>>

A lesbian couple, Holli Bartelt and Amy Petrich, will marry in the Mall of America. More>>

LGBT refugees will be directed to Papua New Guinea regardless of its anti-LGBT laws, according to the Australian government. More>>

Juli Yim and Lorelei Jones are the first same-sex couple to divorce in Colorado. More>>

LGBT advocacy groups from the US and Canada are supporting the vodka and Olympics boycott against Russia. More>>

ImmigrationDirect announced that they would accept LGBT marriage green card applications. More>>

The International Olympic Committee and NBC receive criticism for their response on the Olympic boycott. More>>

Equality Illinois request that Chicago officials sever ties with Moscow over their anti-LGBT laws. More>>

President Obama congratulates the San Francisco Giants for their LGBT advocacy. More>>

Relying on the speeches of anti-LGBT groups, Fox News continues to condemn protections for transgender students. More>>


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