Russian LGBT activist summoned to Investigative Committee


Russia’s Investigative Committee has summoned prominent Russian LGBT activist Nikolai Alexeyev regarding recent comments made on Twitter. The comments, directed towards State Duma deputies, have been labeled “offensive.”

At the time of the summons, Alexeyev was not in Russia due to being on vacation. While Alexeyev said he would go to the Investigative Committee upon his return to the country on August 12, he maintains he wrote nothing criminal on the social networking platform.

According to BBC Russia, the Russian activist published “false information” about State Duma Deputy Yelena Mizulina and her first deputy Olga Batalina.

“I’m confused what it was that I said on Twitter that insulted Mizulina and Batalina. Investigators can reread 10,000 tweets if they want, I do not,” Alexeyev told Russian publication, Izvestia.

Alexeyev was not the only citizen called before the committee; several other “unidentified persons” were also summoned.

“Every person is free to agree or disagree with this or that law,” said Batalina. “But expressing an opinion should not prevent other people from doing their professional duties. That’s why we decided to file this request, in order to protect the interests of all lawmakers.”

Alexeyev isn’t buying it.

“They offend millions of people with their initiatives and laws, such as the gay propaganda law. I’m just expressing my public stance,” he said.


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