Japanese lingerie company blurs the lines with new ad


Marketers generally aim to capture an audience’s attention in the first few seconds of a visual. Japanese lingerie manufacturer Wacoal has gone for the opposite approach in new advertisement for one of their brassieres. They left the highlight until last and it has worked remarkably well!

The ad (watch it below) has close to three millions hits on YouTube, probably as a result of the big reveal in the last few moments: Wacoal’s model is male.

The company showcases on its website what appear to be cisgender women to model its bras. However, the twist in this commercial has shown that the approach can be a successful formula, even if it has been used before by other brands.

In 2012, Toyota opted for a similar theme with an ad featuring model Stav Strashko, who was dressed in female garb until a reveal at the last minute.

Also, in 2011, Dutch retailer HEMA was reported to cause controversy when the company used male model Andrej Pejic in its advertising campaign. Pejic starred in two figure-hugging women’s dresses that flaunted the shapely curves the bra promised to deliver. The ads were said to shock their audience in the Netherlands.

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