Study finds friendly hotels, destinations essential for LGBT travelers


According to a study by the UK’s guide to gay friendly getaways, Les Deux Messieurs, a welcoming hotel staff is essential for LGBT travelers.

Conducted by Out Now consulting, ninety-two percent of respondents from the UK and the US said the staff was crucial for deciding where to stay. Like their straight counterparts, LGBT couples want to feel comfortable.

“If there’s one thing we’ve learned from our travels, it’s that knowledge is key. Because, despite what the law says, gay couples are not always welcome,” Les Deux Messieurs editor at large, Hugh Wright, said in a press release received by 429Magazine.

Known for their guide in LGBT-friendly hotels, bed and breakfasts and self-catering accommodations in the UK, Les Deux Messieurs has the most recent knowledge of the LGBT community.

“We hope that recent rulings against two different B&Bs at opposite ends of the UK, and action taken by a major hotel chain following an incident in one of their London hotels will see hoteliers take a more considered approach to same-sex guests,” Wright continued.

Since 1992, Out Now has been the world’s leading LGBT marketing organization. And for two decades, they have researched, trained, strategize, and communicated with many of the worlds leading brands and tourism bodies for LGBT marketing. A few of the clients include IBM, Toyota, Citibank, German National Tourist Office, TUI, Lufthansa, Berlin Tourism Marketing, Vienna Tourist Board, Visit Manchester, Stockholm Visitors Board and Lloyds TSB Banking Group.

“Where’s the joy in staying in a gay friendly hotel in the country if the moment you step outside for a pint, the locals start hurling abuse at you or glower like you don’t belong? Knowing how you’ll be treated, as well as what the area has to offer, matters,” said Wright. “We try to test every touch point other gay couples might come into contact with when they go away – we eat in the hotel restaurant, order room service, and use the spa if there is one. We explore the local area, find fun and interesting things to do, and get to know its hidden secrets.  We report on it all, and more.”

The survey asked 650 people from Out Now Consulting.


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