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Don’t have time to search out the news? We do. Let us help you circumnavigate LGBTA discourse from around the globe.

Gay athlete Robbie Rogers has been announced as an honorary co-chair for the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network’s annual Respect Awards. More>>

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and several other LGBT organizations release an open letter in support of 50th anniversary of March on Washington as gay activist Bayard Rustin is honored. More>>

International Court System founder Jose Julio Sarria, the first openly gay candidate to run for public office, passed away at 91. More>>

The AIDS Food Store of Long Beach makes a contribution to The Historical Society of Long Beach with a 30-foot by 80-foot rainbow flag. More>>

An anonymous blogger condemns a 90-year-old Chinese woman, who supported her gay grandson in a viral video. China’s LGBT community is defending the video. More>>

Started by LGBT Confex, the third international LGBT Business Expo will be in Guadalajara. More>>

The female athletes who kissed at the Moscow World Athletics Championships are “insulted” that it was perceived as a defiance against anti-LGBT laws. More>>

A writer lists the 41 Commonwealth Nations where being gay is illegal. More>>

Maryland lawmaker Don Dwyer, an anti-LGBT supporter, is charged with DUI. More>>

Ke$ha sends her backup dancers to perform next to the Westboro Baptist Church with the group’s anti-gay parody “God Hates Who U R.” More>>

The Colorado State Patrol pays gay State Patrol Captain Brett Williams $768,268 for a discrimination lawsuit. More>>

LGBT Allies D’qwell Jackson and Akil Patterson talk about sports and the LGBT community. More>>

Provost Helen Moonie greets LGBT Youth Scotland to Ayr. More>>


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