US Olympic Committee’s Patrick Sandusky Tweets on anti-gay policy in Russia


More controversy surrounding the anti-gay Russian legislation at the 2013 has Olympics arisen, after US Olympic Committee (USOC) communications chief, Patrick Sandusky, spoke out on Twitter in regard to the anti-gay legislation in Russia. Following a statement made by USOC CEO Scott Blackmun, who told R-Sport press officials in Moscow, Russia that compliance among US athletes was expected—Sandusky tweeted his belief that the law seemed to be “inconsistent with fundamental Olympic Principles.”

“Clarification on Blackmun comments as I was there. At every Olympics, [we]ask athletes to respect the laws of the host country, for their safety,” Sandusky began via Twitter on the 16th of August. “[It] doesn’t mean we endorse the law,” he went on to add.

In case you’re behind on the drama, the Olympic Games are scheduled to take place in Sochi, Russia this year. However, this is a problem because of the hate that has been spread against the LGBT community in Russia over the past few weeks, which has resulted in mentioned gays being nationally humiliated and tortured under the law of President Vladmir Putin. This law makes it illegal to display any sort of samesex activity. It is illegal for gays to hold hands in public, it is illegal to wear or make speeches with any pro-gay connotation… it is illegal for Russians to make it known that they are gay.

Several weeks ago, a fifteen-year-old boy was lured into meeting with a group of neo-Nazis that have been using gay-dating sites in order to trap young gays. The boy was forced to come out to family, friends, and strangers in a video that has since been viewed over 270,000 times on YouTube. The same boy was told to sit still as the heinous group attempted to “cure” his homosexuality with “holy water”— the urine of one of the men.

Such events have riled up followers—mostly American—that believe that the Olympics should either be boycotted or no longer held in Russia, due to the disgusting, Draconian method that they’ve taken on to send the message that gays are certainly not welcomed in their country. If that wasn’t enough, supporters of gays are not welcomed either—pro-gay behavior or support will not be tolerated at the Olympics this year. Congrats, Russia—this is a fine example of how not to treat the people of your government. Regression at its finest, folks.


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