Brave transgender woman escapes Russian assault


One thing can be said about the transgender people all over the world: they are some of the most brave, strong people to exist on Earth. This much can be witnessed in the video that hit news waves and social media August 19, which shows a group of men brutally beating a transgender woman at a park in Russia. During the beating, the woman not only keeps her composure—she doesn’t cry for help at all nor does she plead for the heinous attackers to stop—she even makes an escape at the end of the video.

“This is what this world needs. Simple, blunt violence against anyone who spits on 4 billions [sic]of successful human evolution, trans, homos and dykes alike,” one viewer on YouTube said—a sad statement that reminds the LGBT community that there is still so much progress that needs to be made in the world. Although Russia may seem quite distant to many Americans who are able to parade into the streets with their rainbow flags sky-high, this is happening in the world around us—to the humans around us.

These vicious hate crimes against the gay community come as result of President Vladmir Putin’s antigay propaganda law. Per the law, gays and trans-people no longer have the ability to be themselves in public; it is officially against the law for anyone in Russia to promote any sort of homosexual behavior or support, even going as far as making it illegal to say you’re gay in the country.

The brutal video, which can be seen below, completely depicts the woman being ambushed by the flock of Russian men who seem to have no issues with ganging up on one gal; the satisfaction seeps through their voices as they laugh and cheer one another on. The five men force this woman to the ground and take turns bashing her over the head and in the face. The men—each of significant build—even pull off her wig, kick her in the face while she’s down, and drag her by her panties at one point in an attempt to disrobe her.

From what it looks like in the three-minute-long video, things take a turn of positivity as the beaten woman breaks a glass bottle on the ground and uses the distraction to make an escape. Viewers beware if you decide to watch; the images in the video are quite disturbing.

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