UK Prime Minister to “discuss” Russia’s anti-gay laws with Putin


UK Prime Minister David Cameron announced on September 3 that at the upcoming G20 summit, he will have a discussion with Russian president Vladimir Putin regarding the UK’s disapproval of Russia’s anti-gay laws.

The summit is scheduled to be held in St. Petersburg on September 5-6. Parliament member Margot James of the Conservative party, a lesbian, posted on her Twitter, “Europe Minister confirms that PM will raise anti gay discriminatory legislation and attacks on gay people with President Putin at the G20.”

The announcement was made on the same day as planned protests took place in thirty cities around the world, calling for government heads to condemn Russia’s recently enacted legislation.

The director of the Peter Tatchell Foundation, Peter Tatchell himself, said in an interview with Gay Star News, “This is a welcome commitment by David Cameron showing he’s listened to our concerns. We hope that other G20 world leaders will also challenge Putin over Russia’s anti-gay law… We also want to let Putin to know that London deplores his government’s homophobia and demands the repeal of anti-gay legislation.”

President Barack Obama also plans to meet with LGBT activists at the summit meeting.

In August 2013, it was discovered that several academies in the UK had rules much like Russia’s, where discussion or “promotion” of homosexuality were banned. Since then, the majority of said schools have agreed to lift the policies.


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