Dan Savage on Honolulu Bishop Larry Silva: “If I could… I’d slap him.”


Dan Savage, controversial sex-column writer and co-founder of the It Gets Better Project, says the Catholic Church should “get out of the homophobia business” if its leaders are truly worried about the well-being of Hawaiian children.

Because Savage has a preference for using excessive offensive language, especially when discussing religion, he evidently went off on a long tangent when Civil Beat’s reporter Nathan Eagle asked what Savage thought of Honolulu Bishop Larry Silva’s claim that children with gay parents are more likely to commit suicide.

The Civil Beat published a fact check on August 30 that tested Silva’s claim, and proved it to be false.

Consistent with his track record of frank remarks, Savage responded, “If I could get within arm’s length of [Silva], I’d slap him.”

Savage also said that Silva’s “attacking same-sex couples who are parenting like this is despicable, particularly coming from the Catholic church… considering how many vulnerable children they’ve violated,” referring to the Church’s long history of confirmed and alleged sexual abuse cases.

“There are more kids out there who need parents than there are parents to take care of those kids,” Savage told Eagle. “Kids are a whole hell of a lot safer with their same-sex parents than they are with a Catholic priest.”

Savage lamented that the risk of suicide is only escalated by the offensive ideologies of people like Silva.

“The bishop is projecting—the hate and lies peddled by his church prompts parents to reject their gay kids, which doubles their already quadrupled risk of suicide.”


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