Boy George debuts new photography at Platform 6


Boy George, the former frontman of the 80s band Culture Club, continues to generate headlines. Earlier in September, the star spoke out against Rihanna and Justin Bieber before publically calling the members of popular boy group One Direction bisexual.

#MakeArtNotDrama. Now, the captivating king of costume and glitter, with over fifty million albums sold worldwide, is in the news after revealing a new piece of artwork in a London exhibition for LGBT artists.

Platform 6 is a non-profit organization, curated by founder and artist James Tailor, who opened a collective exhibition with a showcase of LGBT artworks on Saturday, September 7. The showcase is Platform 6’s very first. Expected to be in attendance were A-list patrons such as Naomi Campbell, Sir Elton John, Kate Moss, and Noel Fielding. All attending stars were chosen because of their constant support for the gay community.

Aside from Boy George, whose “Bed” photograph can already been seen online, other artists who are featured in the showcase (both emerging and established) will include Carl Hopgood, DNA Factory, Victor Ivanov, Judy Blame, creator James Tailor, and more.

“There is so much more to LGBT artists than simply their sexuality,” Tailor told the press. Can he get an Amen, folks? (No offense to the non-Jesus-believers out there.)

The showcase premiered on September 7 and will run until the 14th of this month at the Bargehouse Venue in London. Although pieces will be up for auction, the exhibition itself is free.


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As an aspiring novelist in search of an agent for my debut, YA series, "#BeautifulUgly", I hope to be able to help the world recognize the author as an artist, as they would the painter. Currently attending Academy of Art as a photography major with hopes to improve, technically, as a visual creator.

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