Protestors hold huge “snog-fest” in support of LGBT community


Supporters of the LGBT community continue to show their bravery by standing against discrimination. In the latest standoff against the bigots who’ve yet to reach the rainbow at the end of the tunnel of hatred, gays and straights gathered together to stage a mass kiss-in for equality at the famous monument in Trafalgar Square in London, England.

In preparation for the protest on September 8, the crowd began to assemble at 5:30 PM for a 6:00 start. The event was organized by International Day of Solidarity for LGBT Equality, one of many kiss-ins being held worldwide in countries from the United States and Canada to Australia and the Philippines. The objective of the event was obvious—to stand against injustice against the LGBT community, worldwide, by kissing in the name of tolerance.

According to human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, the message is loud and clear.

“We want [President] Putin to stop his crackdown on the LGBT community, and we want an end to the homophobic violence that has happened all across Russia,” he told reporters. “Earlier in the year, Putin announced a ban on gay pride house at the Sochi Winter Olympics. The International Olympic Committee did not protest or disagree.”

The kiss-in event was, in part, a response to the International Olympic Committee’s statement in which they claimed that the matter of LGBT rights in Russia was not a matter of their concern. Why is that not surprising?

One of the mass kiss-in’s organizers, Wendyl Harris, told a reporter from Gay Star News that “One of our many concerns is the persecution of LGBT people around the world, and it has really stirred people.” Indeed, people have become stirred, especially with the spread of violence against gays across Russia. Recent homophobic laws implemented in countries like the previously mentioned Russia and Uganda (even Jamaica—not far from the citizens here in the United States who have the freedoms to be gay and proud) have provoked outrage from supporters all over the world.

Harris said, “We want to send a message of love to all of those people in all of the oppressed countries around the world.” And quite frankly, that is the most beautiful, important message of all. Love and the freedom to do so.

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