Steve Grand gets the guy in music video for “Stay”


Openly gay country singer, Steve Grand—known for his well-received single for “All-American Boy”—has just released another music video, called “Stay.” 

Video below.

The hunky heartthrob can be seen (and heard) making whiskey references, riding in the back of what appears to be a cherry red Ford 4×4 pickup truck, and well… basically being all-American, whatever that might consist of. According to the lyrics of the new song, with its overtly romantic, if not slightly cheesy (but fun) video, all-American boys like to get their party on too.

“Us Midwest boys like to party,” Grand sings in the typical, bass-filled southern drawl of traditional country music. Now, who wouldn’t want to be a fly on the wall at that bash? Hot gay boys and pickup trucks filled with premium Whiskey sounds like one hell of a fun time and apparently, in the video, Grand is out and proud and ready for the time of his life.

In “Stay”, the openly gay singer/songwriter has his pretty brown eyes (they look awfully brown in the music video, at least) set on a new beau whom he’s serenading in efforts to get the guy to stay with him during the summer his father is away, even referring to him as his “southern king, living for daydreams.” Sounds steamy.

Unlike “All-American Boy”—the video which portrays a gay man falling in love with and misreading signals from his close, straight friend—in the clip for “Stay,” the new lad of country unapologetically scores and makes no attempt at being bashful about it.

Before becoming a huge sensation via the Internet, Grand could often be spotted singing Christian songs at his local Catholic church. As the US quickly excels at ensuring a safer, more accepting community for LGBT citizens, it is unsurprising that Grand’s old church members are continuing to embrace him with arms wide open. They’ve commended Grand for his bravery to openly sing about his sexuality, with his priest holding him up as a model Catholic.

Although Grand considers himself more a songwriter than a singer, he has been graciously touched by the messages of appreciation that he’s received on social media. Like the marketing for his previous music clip, Grand is choosing a subtle approach to spread the word about the new music by communicating with his fans via social media.

On his Facebook page, he posted: “I don’t do any promotion for my videos other than asking my friends to share my content… go and watch ‘STAY’ on YouTube, and download the track… and tell your friends!!” exclaimed the handsome, rising star. And from the increasing media reports and views on the site, it seems that his friends, and their friends, are doing just that.


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